Life Group Leaders,  each of you are fulfilling your purpose and making a difference in the lives of so many here at Reach and beyond!  In an effort to capture better data that will help us ensure the overall health of the church and it's various groups, please complete the form below after each meeting.  We appreciate all that you do as you represent Jesus in the most beautiful way!  

Your Name *
Your Name
Please list the first and last names (ONLY type names, use "Additional Ministry Needs" for additional details) of those who attended a Life Group meeting at least 3 times this semester including you and your family. Please include children.
Please use the space below to inform the Pastoral Care team of any issues they may need to follow up on. Has a member of your Life Group recently stopped attending? Has someone experienced a loss in their family, illness, marital problems, etc?
God is on the move in our Life Groups! We know there are incredible life changes happening everyday within our church family, and we want to hear about it! Please provide a brief description of any testimonies of God's goodness from you or members of your group.