Next Steps

Sometimes, total life change happens in an instant, but more often it happens gradually. As small group leaders, our primary role is to uncover the spiritual condition of group members and walk beside them leading them one step closer to God. What this looks like will be different for each person. Here are some practical examples to help you:

  • If a group member is not in a relationship with Christ, bring them to a church service where they can hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

  • Encourage group members to be water baptized.

  • Invite group members to complete the Next Step.

  • Connect group members to the Dream Team.

  • Introduce group members to the idea of daily prayer and Bible reading through the One Year Bible.

Our Small Groups will be most healthy when leaders take an active role in knowing each person in their group and intentionally helping them move one step closer to Christ.



"Be sure you know the condition of your flock, give careful attention to your herds;" -PROVERBS 27:23


Use the following questions to help you better determine how you can help your group members take their next steps. 

•     Tell me about your relationship with Jesus.  Does your relationship with Jesus take priority in your life?

o   If no, share with them your personal testimony and offer to pray with them that Jesus wil be Lord of their life.

o   Invite them to a Sunday worship service.

•     Are you regularly attending weekly worship services?

o   If no, offer to meet them on Sunday before service and sit with them.

•     Have you ever been water baptized since you have become a believer?

o   If no, encourage them to be baptized at the next Water Baptism service (they take place every 5th weekend at the end of all services).  Invite the rest of your Small Group to come and support them.

•     Have you completed “The Next Step” process? 

o   In no, encourage them to attend the Next Step.  Remind them that it does not have to be done in order, so they can jump in at any time!  Offer to meet your Small Group members there and attend the Next Step together. 

•     Have you identified your spiritual gifts?  Are you using them to serve on the Dream Team?

o   If no, encourage them to attend stepTWO of the Next Step.  This takes place every Sunday.  Even if they have attended stepTWO before, it’s fun to attend again!   

•     Describe your daily bible reading.  Do you use a Bible Reading Plan?

o   If no, direct them to the One Year Bible Plan.  

•     Tell me about your prayer life.  Do you have a time, place, and plan to pray? 

o   If no, recommend the prayer guides

o   Recommend the “How To Live a Life of Prayer” series from Pastor Chris

•     Do you have relationships that offer accountability?

o   If no, encourage them to find an accountability partner.

•     Are you tithing regularly? 

o   If no, recommend this Financial Message