There are a lot of voices out there trying to get us to listen to them, both good and bad. The most important voice for us to listen to is Gods voice. But what’s really cool is that we can be a source of God’s voice in the lives of others! John 1:23 says, “I am a voice shouting in the wilderness clear the way for the Lord’s coming!” When we are a voice to others, it helps them to believe in God!


The verse above originally referred to John the Baptist, but by taking a look at his life, we can certainly apply it to our own lives. John the Baptist was one single person, but he helped so many more believe in Jesus. He essentially cleared the way for Jesus by preparing others to listen to Jesus’ voice after they had heard John’s.

After John baptized Jesus a lot of people started going to Jesus’ disciples for baptism. Also, some of John’s own disciples left him to follow Jesus. This made some of John’s followers wonder if that would make John jealous, so they asked him about it, and John wasn’t jealous at all! He said, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30). So John made his life all about pointing people to Jesus, and was happy when they started following Him.

In the same way, we can point people to Jesus. Any time we bring people to church, encourage them, help them, or share with them, we are showing them God’s kindness. And ultimately if we tell them that we are good because of God, they can thank Jesus for the good we show them.


1. What is something good you can do right this instant that can show Jesus’ kindness?
2. How have you been the voice of God in someone else’s life?
3. How can you give God credit for the good things you do instead of yourself?