There’s a lot of great families in the Bible, but one of the greatest families is the one who saved all of humanity as we know it! The family I want to tell you about today is Noah!

Now Noah was under a lot of pressure to build an ark. Thats a big boat meant to hold two of every animal because God had to destroy the earth because there was so much evil, that God regretted created humans. All day long they did bad things and said,

“Ha ha ha, he he he
we’re as evil as can be
Up with evil
down with good
We will not do what we should”

As Noah was building the ark, the people made fun of him. So, he got his sons to come and help him out. Together they encouraged each other, worked together, and built it even faster than Noah could have on his own. Then God sent animals two by two, and they all entered the ark to escape the flood that was coming..

Suddenly the first raindrop fell… It was a brand new thing they had never seen before! What was that!? They wondered… Then more started to fall. Then more and more! Noah got all his sons and all their wives onto the ark. Then God closed the door, and the rain really started to fall. It fell and fell and flooded the whole earth!!! But Noah and all the animals were safe inside the boat. God saved them, and after a while God brought them out and promised that He would never flood the earth again by putting a rainbow in the sky.

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. Have you ever wanted to give up? What did you do?

2. Sometimes people can discourage you from doing what is right. How can we stay strong and do what is best?

3. Family is one of the best ways we can stay strong in life. Who in your family inspires you to do your best?