Ruth was not an Israelite woman, but she was married to an Israelite. She and her husband took care of her husbands mom, Naomi. Well one day, Ruth’s husband died. Naomi told Ruth to go back to her family, and Naomi would return to Israel. But Ruth refused! She told Naomi, “Where you go I will go.” So she stuck with Naomi. They went back to Israel together, and Ruth followed wheat harvesters so that when they dropped some, she could pick it up to make bread for her and Naomi. Well a man names Boaz noticed how hard Ruth was working, so he asked some of the harvesters to leave some grain on purpose for Ruth to pick up. When Naomi heard about it, she was overjoyed! She knew Boaz, and he was what is called a “family redeemer”, someone who’s responsibility it is to take care of the family. That means that if anyone was going to rescue them, it was Boaz.

Naomi wanted Boaz to marry Ruth, so she told Ruth to tell Boaz that she was part of the family Boaz was meant to take care of. When Boaz heard this, he agreed to marry Ruth and take care of her and Naomi! That means that even though Ruth wasn’t an Israelite, she wanted to follow God anyway and by marrying Boaz, she got to be officially apart of the Israelite people. In fact, their grandson was King David!

So Ruth and Boaz lived happily together in Israel for the rest of their lives, taking good care of Naomi, and all their children. All because Ruth chose to stick together with Naomi.

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. Have you ever done something to take care of your family? What was it?

2. In Joshua 1:5 God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” What are ways God helps us when we need Him?

3. Would you rather have lots of alright friends or one really good friend?