A long time ago there was a man named Joseph. Joseph and his family lived in the land of Canaan. Canaan was a country where Joseph lived with his parents and his eleven brothers. You might think it would be cool to have that many brothers, but it wasn’t that great for Joseph. In fact, all of his brothers hated Joseph for being his dad’s favorite son. Jacob loved him like crazy, and let all the other brothers know. His Dad gave him a coat one day with all kinds of colors and really nice fabric and his brothers got extra jealous and mean. Then something happened one day that made it a lot worse.

Joseph started having some interesting dreams at night while he was sleeping. And these were different from any other dream he had ever dreamt. One night he had a dream that he and his brothers were in the field collecting wheat when all of a sudden, Joseph’s bundle of wheat stood up tall and all of the other brothers’ wheat bowed down to his. Another time, Joseph dreamt that the sun, the moon, and eleven stars all bowed down to him. These dreams weren’t just random, they actually meant something! They were dreams that came from God! God gave Joseph those dreams to show him that He had big plans for his life! After Joseph had those dreams, he told his family all about them. This made his brothers so mad that they started making plans to kill him! But instead, they came up with a way to get rid of him and make some money… They sold Joseph into slavery! What jerks! They ripped up his fancy coat, and sold him as a servant. Then they dipped his coat in goats blood and brought it to their dad saying, “Joseph was killed by a wild animal!” and their father believed them. Jacob was heartbroken. But the story doesn’t end there…

Joseph knew God was with him, and God still had amazing plans for him! We’ll see what happens to Joseph in weeks to come. But just like Joseph, no matter what happens we can have faith that God’s plans for us are awesome too!

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. What are some challenges you have had to overcome?

2. How do you keep faith in God? Has it been hard to trust in Him during hard times?

3. If you could give a friend advice on how to stay faithful to God, what would that advice be?