It was a hard and difficult journey for Mary and Joseph. Partly because the journey would take them three days, and partly because Mary was pregnant and about to give birth to Jesus. They trudged along, Mary riding on Josephs donkey over hills. The emperor who had conquered Israel had ordered all people everywhere to report to the towns of their ancestors. Joseph therefore, went to Bethlehem because he was a descendent of king David. Finally, the little town of Bethlehem could be seen up ahead, the sky was getting dark and dim candlelit rooms could be seen, the windows flickering.

A sharp pain shocked Mary’s side.  “Joseph” she said, “The Baby is coming!!!” Joseph heard the urgency in her voice.  He started to pull the donkey she was riding, desperate to get Mary to Bethlehem in time to give birth. The pains kept coming… “Joseph, He is coming!” Finally they made it to Bethlehem. Joseph went door to door looking for a place to stay.
“No, there is no room”… “Sorry, we are full.”…
“I have some room” Joseph turned around to see a man standing there, looking kindly at him. “It is not much” The man said, “we have a small shelter for our animals full of hay. Its not perfect, but its better than the street.” “We’ll take it.” Joseph said, and he carried Mary into the shelter and prepared to deliver the baby.


1.    What was the city where Jesus was born?

2.    Why did Joseph go to Bethlehem?

3.    Have you ever felt like you weren’t sure if God was going to work it out but God fixed it?