The Big Point

I CAN TAKE THE GOSPEL TO MY WORLD "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” Romans 1:16.

In the book of Acts we read all about Paul. He went around to different cities to share the gospel and told many people about Jesus. This man was a true world changer. Churches were started and many people heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Often Paul would travel by boat to get to the various cities that he visited. Most of his sailing trips went well, bit on his second journey things were getting difficult as he was already a prisoner of the Romans. This voyage was to Italy in captivity and now there was a storm coming.

The wind began to pick up violently as they sailed along, It was so strong it began to blow the ship off course, the men in the ship were through around and got very sea sick! They threw cargo overboard and were afraid for their lives. But God had taken care of all 276 of them.

After sailing for a long time things seemed to calm down a bit, the wind slowed, the sun came out and the sailors started to panic, they were so scared and they scrambled to get the boat under control. Paul kept telling them not to worry and that everything would be okay.

Then one night the storm got even worse. The ship was tossed around in the sea and it smashed against rocks and started to break apart. They were going to be shipwrecked! When they came near to land it was nearly morning They had been up all night in the storm and had not eaten any food. Paul broke bread, said thanks to God and they ate. Then as the ship ran aground they all swam to shore and safety. Paul, the other prisoners and all the sailors found themselves on an island called Malta. They had all arrived safely and Paul could go on spreading the good news of the Gospel

Paul’s life was an amazing adventure, that is told in Acts and his letters. He shone his light wherever he went. Even on that boat under arrest by the Romans he boldly stood and thanked God for the food. Throughout everything he trusted God, knew there was power in the Gospel and he boldly took the Gospel to the world.

Big Questions

1. Who was Paul and what did he do? 
(he was an apostle, told people about Jesus)

2. Was Paul afraid to tell people about Jesus? Why shouldn’t we be ashamed either? (See memory verse at top)


3. What other things did Paul do other than be shipwrecked? Do you know any other stories?