The Big Point

FAITH DOES. When you have faith in a chair to hold you, you sit in it. When you trust someone to catch you in a trust fall, you can fall into them. But sometimes we put our faith in people and they let us down. Its no surprise though, people aren't perfect. God however, is perfect! We can always put our faith and trust in Him to do what only He can do.

Abraham was a man of faith. He was told by God that his descendants would make a great nation, one that was so huge they would be as uncountable as the stars. Abraham believed God. Then, when he was was super old and still didn't have any children, God visited him. God told him that he and his super old wife Sarah would have a child named Isaac. It's impossible for old people to have babies, so they thought God was joking, but sure enough they had a child!

People have faith in unseen forces around us every day. We trust gravity to pull things to the ground when we drop them, and the laws of aerodynamics to hold us when we fly on airplanes. If we can trust in these unseen forces, how much more can we trust in God who we also can't see? Just because we don't see Him, doesn't mean we can't see His effects in our lives.

Big Questions

1.    What are some ways we can "do" our faith?

2.    What is something else we can't see, but we know is there?

3.    What was Abraham's son's name?