July Week 1 / / DRAW NEAR

The Big Point

DRAW NEAR. "It is good for me to draw near to God. I will put my trust in the Lord God. I will declare all your works!" Psalm 73:28.

We want to dig deep and establish a long lasting, never ending, BIG love for God. Drawing near to God means we seek Him, worship Him, and love Him with all our hearts. When you drive in the fog, you have to draw near to something in order to see it properly. That is exactly how God is! We have to draw near to Him, focusing on Him, to see and learn new great things about Him! All His great promises, His amazing love, and so much more are seen more clearly the more we pursue and desire after God! "Draw Near to God and He will draw near to you!" James 4:8.

When God created the world He made us to live in close relationship with Him. Sin separates us from God, but Jesus has made a way back to Him. When we make Jesus our Lord, we are brought back into close relationship with God, and have access to Him. Lets take this wonderful opportunity afforded to us by Jesus to know God the best we can!

Big Questions

1.  Why did God create people?

2. What separated people from God? How can we be close to God again?

3. What happens when we draw near to God? (James 4:8)