There are a lot of voices out there trying to get us to listen to them, both good and bad. The most important voice for us to listen to is Gods voice. But what’s really cool is that we can be a source of God’s voice in the lives of others! John 1:23 says, “I am a voice shouting in the wilderness clear the way for the Lord’s coming!” When we are a voice to others, it helps them to believe in God!


The verse above originally referred to John the Baptist, but by taking a look at his life, we can certainly apply it to our own lives. John the Baptist was one single person, but he helped so many more believe in Jesus. He essentially cleared the way for Jesus by preparing others to listen to Jesus’ voice after they had heard John’s.

After John baptized Jesus a lot of people started going to Jesus’ disciples for baptism. Also, some of John’s own disciples left him to follow Jesus. This made some of John’s followers wonder if that would make John jealous, so they asked him about it, and John wasn’t jealous at all! He said, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30). So John made his life all about pointing people to Jesus, and was happy when they started following Him.

In the same way, we can point people to Jesus. Any time we bring people to church, encourage them, help them, or share with them, we are showing them God’s kindness. And ultimately if we tell them that we are good because of God, they can thank Jesus for the good we show them.


1. What is something good you can do right this instant that can show Jesus’ kindness?
2. How have you been the voice of God in someone else’s life?
3. How can you give God credit for the good things you do instead of yourself?






There are a lot of voices out there trying to get us to listen to them, both good and bad. The most important voice for us to listen to is Gods voice. When someone discourages you, God encourages you. When someone bullies you, God is there with you. Even when people leave, God will never leave. It’s a lot like a radio! We can choose to tune into and listen to God’s voice, or lots of other different voices and stations telling us all different kinds of things.


Jesus taught that there is only one way to heaven. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” If we listen to God’s voice we can be sure that He will guide us through our lives, and help us always to believe in Him!


Sometimes Jesus taught that the people of the world are like sheep, and He is the shepherd. Jesus said, “The sheep recognize the shepherds voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out… I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me,” John 10:3,14

One day Jesus also told a story a bout a cute little lamb that lived in a pasture with ninety-nine other sheep. The shepherd took very good care of his sheep. He fed the, gave them water, and chased away wild animals. But one day, the shepherd noticed his lamb was missing. Right away, he left the other ninety-nine and went looking, calling out for the lamb. When he found the lamb he was so excited!!

God is like that shepherd. He doesn’t want any of His children to be lost. He wants all who know his voice to stay close to Him. And just as a good shepherd leads his sheep home, God will lead to heaven everyone who believes in Jesus!


1. How do you tune into God’s voice?
2. What are some examples of bad voices or influences in your life that try to keep you from hearing God’s voice?
3. Read John 10:27-29 below and answer the following question… How do we know if we have eternal life?

John 10:27-29
“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me, for my Father has given them to me, and he is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father’s hand.”





There’s a lot of great families in the Bible, but one of the greatest families is the one who saved all of humanity as we know it! The family I want to tell you about today is Noah!

Now Noah was under a lot of pressure to build an ark. Thats a big boat meant to hold two of every animal because God had to destroy the earth because there was so much evil, that God regretted created humans. All day long they did bad things and said,

“Ha ha ha, he he he
we’re as evil as can be
Up with evil
down with good
We will not do what we should”

As Noah was building the ark, the people made fun of him. So, he got his sons to come and help him out. Together they encouraged each other, worked together, and built it even faster than Noah could have on his own. Then God sent animals two by two, and they all entered the ark to escape the flood that was coming..

Suddenly the first raindrop fell… It was a brand new thing they had never seen before! What was that!? They wondered… Then more started to fall. Then more and more! Noah got all his sons and all their wives onto the ark. Then God closed the door, and the rain really started to fall. It fell and fell and flooded the whole earth!!! But Noah and all the animals were safe inside the boat. God saved them, and after a while God brought them out and promised that He would never flood the earth again by putting a rainbow in the sky.

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. Have you ever wanted to give up? What did you do?

2. Sometimes people can discourage you from doing what is right. How can we stay strong and do what is best?

3. Family is one of the best ways we can stay strong in life. Who in your family inspires you to do your best?






Ruth was not an Israelite woman, but she was married to an Israelite. She and her husband took care of her husbands mom, Naomi. Well one day, Ruth’s husband died. Naomi told Ruth to go back to her family, and Naomi would return to Israel. But Ruth refused! She told Naomi, “Where you go I will go.” So she stuck with Naomi. They went back to Israel together, and Ruth followed wheat harvesters so that when they dropped some, she could pick it up to make bread for her and Naomi. Well a man names Boaz noticed how hard Ruth was working, so he asked some of the harvesters to leave some grain on purpose for Ruth to pick up. When Naomi heard about it, she was overjoyed! She knew Boaz, and he was what is called a “family redeemer”, someone who’s responsibility it is to take care of the family. That means that if anyone was going to rescue them, it was Boaz.

Naomi wanted Boaz to marry Ruth, so she told Ruth to tell Boaz that she was part of the family Boaz was meant to take care of. When Boaz heard this, he agreed to marry Ruth and take care of her and Naomi! That means that even though Ruth wasn’t an Israelite, she wanted to follow God anyway and by marrying Boaz, she got to be officially apart of the Israelite people. In fact, their grandson was King David!

So Ruth and Boaz lived happily together in Israel for the rest of their lives, taking good care of Naomi, and all their children. All because Ruth chose to stick together with Naomi.

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. Have you ever done something to take care of your family? What was it?

2. In Joshua 1:5 God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” What are ways God helps us when we need Him?

3. Would you rather have lots of alright friends or one really good friend?






The Bible has lots of stories of people who are stronger together, but none are so amazing as King David and his three mighty men. They were the strongest, most skilled, and most feared in all of Israel!

One was Beniah. The Bible says that Beniah, on a snowy day followed a lion into a pit and killed it with his bare hands! This next one is Josheb! He once stood his ground against 800 men, and defeated them all all by himself with only his spear! Then there was Eleazar, who also stood his ground against so many enemies, that his sword froze to his hand! Can you imagine having a sword hand?? The Bible says that one day David really really wanted some water out of his favorite well. The problem is, that their enemies had captured the well and were camped around it. But that didn’t scare David’s mighty men! They rushed to the well, drew out water, and held the bucket together as they fought off the enemies around them. Nothing could stop them! They were strong all alone, but they were even stronger together! In the same way, we are stronger together than seperate! Ecclesiastes 4:8 says, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. What are some ways that a family is stronger together?

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you really needed a friend’s help? What happened, and what did you do?

3. What is a way you have stood strong with a friend of yours?






Jesus is the son of God and the savior of the world! While He was on earth, He healed many people of their sickness and did many miracles like calming storms. He even raised people from the dead! One day Jesus was celebrating a special holiday called the passover with the twelve men who followed him during his time on earth. He wanted to show them how much he loved them, so He got up, took off his robe, and began to wash His disciples feet. Jesus knew that the time was coming for Him to leave them and return to heaven. When Jesus came to Peter, Peter refused! But Jesus explained that unless Jesus washed Peter’s feet, Peter would have no part in him. Then, Peter wanted Jesus to wash his head and hands as well! But Jesus told him that wasn’t necessary. Then Jesus washed the feet of all the disciples and explained that they should do for others as He had done for them. He told them that they should serve each other, and not think of themselves as better than any other. Then God would bless them!

John 13:35 says, “if you love each other, everyone will know that you are my disciples”. Taking time to be with, care for, and love our friends shows people that we follow Jesus!

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. Are you in a small group? Where can you find small groups?

2. Why did Jesus wash the disciple’s feet?

3. Have you ever gotten to do something really special for someone you love? What was it?

Jesus and his Small Group (disciples)

Jesus and his Small Group (disciples)





As second in command of Egypt, Joseph established storehouses to keep all the extra food being stored up for the famine that was coming. And sure enough, the sky stopped raining, and the land dried up and stopped producing food - and not just in Egypt, for miles around there was no food! Joseph had set up a system for people to come and get enough food to last them all seven years! Without Joseph all the people in Egypt would have died without food. But one day, Josephs brothers showed up. Yep, the ones that sold him into slavery, lied to their dad by telling them Joseph had died. But it had been so long that they didn’t recognize their brother Joseph! But Joseph recognized them and when they stood before him to get food for the famine, Joseph definitely had a chance to get even, but instead he decided to test them to see if they had changed and it was safe to reveal to them that he was their brother. He wanted to know if they were the same old jerks or not.

Joseph questioned his brothers about all different kinds of stuff like where they were from, about their father, what they were doing, and if they had any other brothers. They even told Joseph about when they betrayed him and how sorry they were about sending him off as a slave without knowing that they were talking right to Joseph himself! After a while he told them who he really was - he was Joseph! The brother they got rid of so long ago! The brothers were shocked and so happy to see that Joseph was doing so well! But their shock soon turned into fear since they knew Joseph could get even with them now. But Joseph forgave them!!! Seriously! Joseph knew that holding a grudge would just hurt his family even more, and God gave him the power to forgive them! Even though his brothers totally hurt him, they were sorry and Joseph chose to let all the wrong they had done be forgiven. And not only that, he brought the rest of his family to Egypt including his father Jacob who was a very old man. It was like the ultimate family reunion!

The story of Joseph shows us that even in the hard times God is still with us, and maybe most importantly of all, that being able to forgive, even when its not easy, can make all the difference.

Questions (for parents to ask kids, and kids to ask parents!)

1. What is a time when it was really difficult, but you were able to forgive someone?

2. If you were Joseph what would you have done when you saw your brothers?

3. God was able to use all the horrible things that happened to Joseph to help save his entire family. His plan was so amazing and He thought so far ahead! What does this tell us about God?

Joseph meets his brothers again!

Joseph meets his brothers again!